Valve Cover: VTT vs. Performance Boutique

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Oct 24, 2016
Scottsdale, AZ
Its up for sale through our website, we've been sending them all over the world. Just saw the VTT version, looks like a complete copy of ours, with a few minor changes. Tony was one of the first people to contact us about the valve cover and now I understand why he wanted to get his hands on it. I guess it's good for the market to have some competition :)
A few points:

1: A valve cover for an N54 is going to look a lot like a valve cover for an N54. I expect should a third party enter the aluminum valve cover segment it'll also look like.... a valve cover for an N54.
2: We wanted an aluminum valve cover because we wanted one for our own use. You guys took so long that we ended up sending an N54 valve cover out to be scanned, got quotes, and got product before you were shipping.
3: The insinuation that we copied you is simply false. We never even put our hands (or anyone else's) on your product.
4: See email sent:

Oct 28, 2017
Monroe CT
Im currently filing against nitto for copying my round tire design
They countersued because I used air and mounted on a rim but if I drop my turbo that compresses air copyright infringement suit they will drop theirs

Sounds about right just repost once every 6 months and we have n54 r&d on forums in a nutshell

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